Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Favre hangs it up (allegedly)

It appears Brett Favre is finally retiring, and he means it this time. I'm personally sad about this for a couple reasons, because

A. it means one of my 2010 predictions will not come true

B. he actually had a great season with my Vikes last year and

C. it means Minnesota will now have to depend on the skills of Tarvaris Jackson or Sage Rosenfels.

That said, I am beyond disgusted at his prima donna attitude. Five years of hand-wringing press conferences every post-season, changing his mind at the eleventh hour every year and leaving his team in the lurch by deciding to retire less than five weeks before the start of the season leaves me a bit cold. He is not a tennis player or a golfer-this decision affects too many people.

Bye, Brett. Please stay away for good this time.

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Mudge said...

Agree. Just because he never got Super Bpwl winning QB on his resume doesn't mean he should try to replace it with "NFL Drama Queen." Can't believe I'm actually writing this but, "Man up Brett."

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