Monday, August 23, 2010

End of Vacation Blues

It's a little before 7 and I've got a few minutes blogging time before the drudgery of getting the house back together and the Jeep packed with bags begins.  We called yesterday to ask if there were a way we could stay until 1PM (check out of the house is 10), but there are others coming in behind us this evening.  So, we'll vacate at 10, head into town and shop/eat lunch, then begin to make our way back to St. Thomas, the airport, and transit home.

What a wonderful nine days this has been--a truly necessary break for the mind and body.  I could easily have simply lingered here at the house for the entire time--so refreshing was the sun, the sound of the ocean below, and the listless bobbing of the sailboats moored there.  But there were activities to be had (shopping, beach, snorkeling, sailing) friends to be met up with and entertained (they'll likely not read this, but The Gaenzle's were five-star companions) and sunsets to be observed from she-she overpriced restaurants.

My death camp guard routine ("the towels, the towels") got old for everyone (including me) and I got better as the week progressed at just living the Hammer life--you know, all free and easy and accepting and tolerant and all--you know, like we read about from him all the time. 

The Kitten and I have not discussed our traveling separately together plan, but I won't push it.  I'll go to my Zen-like Hammer Place and roll with the punches. 

As much as I've loved this place, I will not miss its permanent residents, the mosquitos, some sixty of which feasted on my right leg whilst I slept the other night.  Not a pretty sight.

I've scheduled no formal appointments tomorrow to ensure an easy transition back to the work world.  We'll see how that goes....


Booker E. View said...

"End of Vacation Blues", third in the CW "Vacation Blues" trilogy. The initial offering, "Start of Vacation Blues" a powerful yet witty denouncment of the complexities of traveling to a destination with others was followed by "During Vacation Blues" with a stinging assault on towel mismanagement, local fauna and 10-minute travel to local beaches. Rumored to be in the works: "Return to Home Refurbishment Post-Vacation Blues."

Anonymous said...

"but The Gaenzle's were five-star companions"

My God, you're name dropping more than one of those old time Hollywood gossip columnists. Give it a rest with the BFF pieces.

cropally said...

This blog has officially jumped the shark when you start mentioning the Hammer in your writings. More GG and less Hammer.

"The Hammer" said...

My philosophy in a nutshell? Don't sweat the small stuff, but fight like Hell on the things that matter.
As I've said before, in my house we have a division of labor. Decision making is based on expertise and experience. Sgt. Major takes care of the small stuff like personal finance, the kid's education etc. I handle the big stuff like foreign policy, the federal budget...things like that.

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