Monday, August 2, 2010

WaPost on Paul Ryan

Interesting story here in today's Post.

I think by now most of you realize that I'm a big Paul Ryan fan--when I think about the kind of Republican I am, the kind of Conservative I am (remember--they are different), I think about Paul Ryan. 

His roadmap for prosperity is tough medicine, and it contains some fairly aggressive ideas about getting entitlement spending under control.  These ideas make both Democrats and Republicans nervous. 

Democrats reject the ejection of the state from control of individual lives; Republicans are skittish about the sweeping scope of change suggested in Ryan's plans.

Ultimately, only sweeping change will get us headed in the right direction.  Republicans taking the House--elevating Ryan to the Chair of the Budget Committee--would be an excellent first step.

Be not afraid, Republicans. 

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"The Hammer" said...

When we get the rare politician unwilling to kick the can down the road we need to support them with near religious fervor. They need to know we've got their backs because the more folks listen the more the elites will attempt to destroy them.

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