Monday, August 16, 2010

Democratic Angst

Here's another story that lays out Democrat angst as the November elections loom, another of the "darn it, we passed the most ambitious domestic agenda since LBJ and we're not getting any credit for it."  Perhaps because the voters didn't ask for it.  They wanted jobs and an economic turnaround.  You gave them a stimulus that didn't stimulate, cap and trade that did neither, health care that did not contain costs, and now you threaten to raise their taxes.  You just didn't listen.

Oh, and here's a little pet peeve of mine.  Paul Ryan wants to privatize portions of Social Security, and of course, he's savaged by Democrats for it.  Every time one of them talks about how it will impact "seniors", I want to puke--because they know damn well the proposal (as George Bush's proposal before it) would not touch a single "senior".  Anyone above 55 would stay just as they are.


Sally said...

You know that old saw is trotted out every election season. I don't think Republicans are doing that great of a job explaining the plan or defending themselves against Dem attacks on the issue, though. I know it's an uphill battle with today's media, but they just don't seem to be out there responding.

Mr. Clean said...

check out Chris Matthew's "it's going to be a tsunami" comment on youtube. his face is priceless.

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