Thursday, December 31, 2009

CW's 2010 Predictions

1. On December 31, 2010, the Dow Jones Industrial Average will be within 200 points of whatever its level is on December 31, 2009.
2. In the November 2010 Congressional Elections, Republicans will make significant gains, but will not take either chamber.
3. Lindsay Lohan will marry a man, probably the father of the child she will conceive.
4. Hillary Clinton will not be Secretary of State on December 31, 2010.
5. There will be a successful attack by Islamic extremists on US soil, but it will not involve the transportation system, and it will not involve a major city. Think “soft target”.
6. The Colts will win the Super Bowl
7. Tiger Woods will play in at least one major championship this year.
8. The Yankees will repeat as World Series Champs
9. Janet Napolitano will not be Secretary of Homeland Security on December 31, 2010
10. On December 31, 2010 the unemployment rate will be 8.7%

The National Review Online Crowd does their predictions here.

Readers should feel free to post their predictions as comments to this post.


Dan said...

Prediction #5. I have always been truly concerned about an attack on a density of American children -- schoolbus, soccer fields, school play / concert.

The Conservative Wahoo said...


"The Hammer" said...

Greg's predictions for 2010:
1) The Carolina Panthers will fire John Fox and hire Bill Cowher as head coach.
2) Lindsay Lohan will continue her slide into obscurity (look out Tara Reed) with everyone except some middle-aged bloggers obsessed with her knockers (which are OK but really ain't that great).
3) Janet Napolitano will resign her position at Homeland Security, take a couple of years off and next be seen as chief security officer at the Tucson Mall.
5) Hillary Clinton will remain as Sec. of State and bring in Rachel Maddow as her Chief of Staff. They will often work late into the night for the American people.
6) Stimulus money will continue to revive the economy with teapot museums and catfish orgasm studies. However unemployment among the non-psychotic population will hover around 10%.
7) There will be a new NBA franchise in south-central Los Angeles. Their colors will be blue and white and they will be known as the LA "Crips". Allen Iverson will start at point guard for the new expansion team.
8) Katie Couric will do a nude photo spread for Playboy magazine thereby hastening the insolvency of Playboy Enterprises International, Inc. The corporation will seek TARP funds and through the intervention of Illinois Sen. Dick Durban, will, in fact, receive them. Reportedly he liked the photos.
9) Senator Harry Reid will not be reelected but will soon map out plans for beating the slots at Binions.
10) I will lose fat and add muscle, grow hair, extend an appendage by several inches and get rich quick.

cobenes said...

My bold prediction for 2010. GHD dream will come true. He will comment so often that CW will finally make him a guest contributor.

"The Hammer" said...

No thanks, I'm a free agent.

However I do need help with a 2010 decision. Should I buy a Ruger SR-556 or an FN SCAR? What are your thoughts?

Ken Adams said...

In 2010,
1. Jan 1st - Bill the Goat will win the Capitol One Mascot Challenge, and some football games will be played.
2. Feb 7th - The New England Patriots will win Super Bowl XLIV.
3. Mar 3rd - The Boston Red Sox will split their spring training opening double header, beating the Northeastern Huskies but losing to the Boston College Eagles.
4. Apr 6th - In response to the increasing number of terrorist attacks on U.S. soil, the Obama administration will form a Committee of Public Safety and miss the irony.
5. May 25th - Spaceship Two begins its flight test program.
6. Jun 22nd - My daughter experiences a melt-down because her middle-school graduation is the same day as her brother's birthday.
7. Jul 31st - Yankees fall out of contention for the AL East pennant, racking up their 57th loss of the season and placing themselves 22 games behind the Red Sox. Remarkably, they are still ahead of the Blue Jays.
8. Sep 7th - Nothing happens.
9. Nov 13th - President Obama, after the drubbing of his party in mid-term elections, abruptly resigns. Joe Biden is sworn in as President.
10. Dec 31st - 87.7% of all predictions made New Year's Eve (and 90% of this list) will be shown to be incorrect.

Tom de Plume said...

Janet Napolitano will undergo a successful sex change operation and become a woman.

reent said...


Using the verification word the site requires to post a comment is my trick and thus is an example of the ID theft that caused an ugly rift on this site over a week ago. Please refrain from using the random letter comnbinations as your identity in the future.

Thank you.

herogge said...


Mudge said...

GHD - although the SCAR is indeed a nice weapon, it is not a US manufacturer. Ruger is American AND is one of the few US firearms companies that has yet, I believe, to outsource to foreign manufacturers. Also, unlike the union-dominated US car industry where quality hovers around "job none", Ruger quality is one of the standard bearers of what used to be "Made in the USA" quality. If you ever encounter a living orgnanism that needs killin', either weapon will certainly be up to the task. But just imagine how much more rewarding it will be, especially if the organism has studied under a Yemeni imam, to know that the killin' was delivered by something that was "Made in the USA".

Dan said...

College Football prediction:

The NCAA Rules Committee will make "Cut" blocking illegal. Currently, only "Chop" blocking is illegal.

"Cut" blocking is the equalizer in option football that allows our Service Academies to negate the size difference between their smaller offensive lines and opposing defenses larger linemen.

During Navy's game, the Missouri defensive linemen were heard to say, "Are you trying to end my career?"

The fact of the matter is that a good defender will shed the "Cut" block, but a slow and lazy defender will end up with his legs out from under him.

After Navy's and Air Force's wins in their two bowl games, as well as Navy's win over Notre Dame and near-win over Ohio State, college football will have little stomach for enduring this any longer.

2010 said...

Dan, looks to me that you have a beef against the Service Academies football teams. I give you credit for knowing the difference between a "cut" block and a "chop" block and knowing that you can defend against a cut block.

However, you seem to forget that the other team gets a chance to go on offense too and Missouri scored, what, 13 points? The high flying Cougars scored 20? No, cut blocks don't win games my friend.

Hard work and a triple option does.

Dan said...

I am a HUGE fan of what our Service Academy teams do (even in light of what the other two have done to MY Alma Mater for the past 8 years).

Not sure how you misinterpreted my post for having a "beef" with Service Academy football.

I hope the NCAA leaves the rules alone. NO beef here if they do.

Go Army!

"The Hammer" said...

Mudge thanks for the response. You are correct in that the SCAR is made by a bunch of socialist bastards, it's expensive and it looks un-American. The Ruger is American made, has an innovative piston gas system which doesn't dump all the carbon etc. into the breach and comes with all the extras a good right-wing paramilitary kinda guy needs. But it is two grand. Sig just introduced a very similar weapon for thirteen hundred.
The thing is I'm not ready to buy right now. First, I'm about two Coach handbags away from the brownie points necessary but I don't want to wait too long otherwise prices could go up for fear of a ban etc. etc.
I'm in a pickle. I might have to struggle by with my VZ-58 (a damn fine Communist rifle). Oh well.

Anonymous said...

A prediction for 2010 -- the Obama Administration will attempt to portray the military in a poor light in order to lower the military's public standing.

Not sure how he would portray this, but a guess would be that the effort would be led by his Congressional Democrats. They might attempt to portray the military's inability to meet Afghan surge timelines (materiel and manpower); over-hype a perceived scandal related to senior military leader(s); or through non-refutation of unwarranted media stories attempting to show the military in negative manner.

Why would they do this? Remember the line from "It's a Wonderful Life," when George Bailey says to Mr. Potter: "You're talking about something you can't get your fingers on, and it's galling you."

It's my belief that the Congressional Democrats and the real liberals in his party are much like Potter. The military is "galling" them. The popularity of the military thwarts their agenda, it prevents them from spending even more on their pet programs, and it detracts from their liberal domestic agenda and their President's precious attention. In essence, the military is "something [liberals] can't get [their] fingers on, and it's galling [them]."

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