Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hey Ayatollah! Get a load of this one...

It must be fun being President for a country where you can just sit back and torment the hand-wringing international community with outrageous crap that leaders of old would have either ignored or, if they got tired of hearing it, sent a couple sharpshooters to mute.

Following Madeline Albright's lead during her tenure as one of the worst Secretaries of State in memory (I'm being uncharacteristically kind to Secretary Clinton here), and keying off the proclivity of the current Administration to send public apology cards for unforgiveable things like sending our nation's blood and treasure to save the world from tyranny, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is yukking it up again with a request to the Secretary General of the UN to reimburse Iran for damages from WWII.

Count down to UN approving reparations?

Count down to public apology and accompanying requisite bow?

Count down to US actually paying its share of UN-approved reparations?

Don't underestimate the extent to which this Administration will go to be able to say they got Iran to reduce its nuclear weapon development.

I'm starting to think Mahmoud is not quite the mad man people make him out to be. He's just a funny guy trying to have a good time.


"The Hammer" said...

He looks like one of those convenience store guys who makes his money selling Richards and strawberry flavored "blunts" and crack pipes and "loosies", and of course the odd porno from behind the counter. Geez, what a dirty filthy scumbag! I can smell him through the computer.

Anonymous said...

The US will add this to the bill that pays reparations to descendants of slaves.

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