Friday, December 18, 2009

A Jonah Goldberg Tour de Force

Nice work here from my favorite modern Conservative thinker--a thoroughgoing skewering of environmentalism and its ties to/cover for more nefarious movements.


Smoothfur said...

Though population control may be a morally questionable aim, at least over population (unlike global warming) can be substantiated by truly quantifiable figures. And, it would not have the diasterous economic effects of Cap and Trade.

AZ said...

A nice article, agreed.

In the end, regardless of our efforts - good or bad - the Environment will defeat us in some form or another. In the conflict of Man against Nature, the latter always wins. We should be respectful, if nothing else.

"The Hammer" said...

Speaking to the author's point, the old Czechoslovakia had an industrial area, I think about the size of greater DC, that was (and is) polluted beyond belief. We're talking the real nasty stuff; PCPs, heavy metals etc. The Communists could give a rat's ass about the environment.
That's a real good indication to anyone with half a brain that the environmental movement is a lie. It has been high-jacked by leftists, communists and various other Star Wars characters and that's why you'll never hear any criticism of those old Stalinist regimes coming from "environmentalists".

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