Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Old Man Injuries

I read this Stephen Hayes piece in The Weekly Standard last week, and was waiting for it to appear on the web so I could share it with you. Not only did it hit very, very close to home--what with my 44 year old body falling apart daily--but it is also pretty damn funny.

Among the maladies described here is a three-day couch recovery brought on by the strain of rising from the can after a long reading session there. I'm still giggling over that one.

I seem to suffer from my own version of NFL player related injury (something described in the article). Every time I see or hear of a player complaining of a hamstring pull or a hamstring spasm--sustained in the heat of Sunday battle--I am reminded of my recurring hamstring spasms, generally evidenced in the strain of getting out of bed or worse, when engaged in more delicate romantic activities.

Sucks to get old.


"The Hammer" said...

Poor you. It doesn't get any better. Want to see the future? Rent North Dallas Forty and check out the opening scene. By the way, apart from the insipid love interest tacked on, this is the greatest sports movie ever my humble opinion.
Gotta go. Off to the arthritis Doc at Duke.

Doc Milnamo said...

Yes indeed it sucks to get old. It does beat the Les Aspin Dirt Nap, though.

CCE said...

Old man whining is what I call it. You never hear of "old woman injuries" because, frankly, who else would take care of and listen to the old men.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you need to research a McGLEP or CWEP?

The Conservative Wahoo said...

CCE--sounds like Mr. "E" is a bit injury prone, no? Why else would this elicit such a strong reaction? :)

Anonymous said...

Your attitude is unacceptable - a state of surrender. You are too young to complain as such! Youth is a frame of mind. Take good care of yourself and change your attitude.

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