Saturday, December 19, 2009

Nativity Naiveté

What's not to like about a church's live display of the creche, with volunteers from the congregation dressing up to play the parts of the wisemen, Joseph and Mary? If you are one of those who believes our democracy will collapse if we allow a community to show the predominant religion's Savior's birth at a time of year that we celebrate the predominant religion's Savior's birth, well, this isn't on public land, it is on church land so, if you don't like that, go smite thyself.

It turns out, however, that our ever alert friends at pETA or is it PeTA, or...well, whatever annoying literary nuance it is, these idiots are now, and apparently have been, claiming that the use of livestock in these live displays puts animals at risk of every horrible crime against non-humanity ranging from forced labor (I made that one up) to rape (I didn't make that one up). As in most everything they do, PeTA got it wrong. Idiots.

Warning (aka h/t): hyperlink takes you to an MSNBC website.


"The Hammer" said...

Yeah but they put out some nice nudie liberal chick videos.

Smoothfur said...

PETA I would hope that when applied to themselves, it would stand for Please Eliminate These A--holes.

Doc Milnamo said...

People eating Tasty Animals.

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