Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Great Letter to the Editor

Philip Terzian, Literary Editor of the Weekly Standard, reminds us all once again of Senator Byrd's checkered past.


Sally said...

Damn it! Now that you've written about this, I have to scratch one of my 2010 predictions...'Robert Byrd will die and all the ensuing coverage of his life will never mention the letters KKK.'

"The Hammer" said...

This has been brought up many times. The Democrats don't care, they need his vote.
He's a real stickler for Senate tradition and I was sorta waiting for him to chime in what with all the shenanigans being played by Harry Reid lately. But alas nary a peep. I think he's like Duckman's mother-in-law now, they just water him twice a day and wheel him out when they need a vote.
I can see it now, they gently shake him a bit and say Senator, Senator, press the green button.

Smoothfur said...

Bil-leeeeeeeee, Bil-eeeeeeeeeeee

"I have been right busy trying to readjust pictures on the wall," he said. "I put a picture on my desk of my little dog, Billy."

Senator Byrd said he kept a picture of his wife on the desk, too, "but I cannot get a quick laugh looking at my wife like I can looking at Billy."

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