Tuesday, December 8, 2009

When Does It Become Obama's Economy?

The President gave another speech today about the economy, and once again, he pointed his finger at his Republican predecessor for the economy he inherited. Ok, he's right. There was a Republican before him, things sucked when he took over--we get it, we get it.

When will someone in our vaunted, Republic defending press corps, ask the President straight up when he no longer gets to blame the last guy? When will a reporter look the President in the eye and ask, "Sir, you've been in office for almost a year. If the economy is not yours now, if the state of the economy we are currently in is not your fault, when do you estimate that it will be?"

Don't hold your breath.


Jackie said...

I am so tired of hearing the President and his administration blame the previous administration. Yes, the Bush administration spent a lot of our money and I don't like a lot of things Bush did but at least he was "Presidential". It has been a year now come on!! I feel like this administration are like little kids constantly saying "it's not my fault it's their fault". I'll sum up how to fix the economy, cut government spending, less taxes, no health care bill unless it is "tort reform", open up insurance companies to compete across state lines and small business being able to pool their insurance together....or how about let's go back to the way it was before HMO's (oh yes, that was the government idea - wonderful HMO's) Somehow get money to poor people that really need health insurance (that does not include illegals) so they can choose their insurance, that would be a lot cheaper than this at least trillion dollar health care bill that is going to end up rationing our care and costing the American people more money, No Cap and Tax (this bill will kill small businesses and everyone else for that matter), give more money back to the Americans!!!!!We work hard and these arrogant people on capitol hill are so out of touch with most Americans. Do I sound a little frustrated? I am!!

The Conservative Wahoo said...

Way to go Jackie!

Anonymous said...

I agree...dont hold your breath on the finger-pointing to the rear - and dont expect a reporter to get too froggy and ask the question "Mr. President when does the buck stop with you for how much this all sucks"? DC is out of touch and has been for years. Too many PACs, too many special interests, too many agendas. Jackie, your frustration is warranted and I agree!
That for sharing the perspective Wahoo!

Anonymous said...

Oh who cares any longer? It is years too late to save the republic for which we stood.

"The Hammer" said...

He might not be responsible for the problem but he's responsible for the solution. He ran on it.
I love what he said today. For months they been shouting from the treetops, IT WAS WORSE THAN WE THOUGHT! Today at the Brookins Institute he said well it wasn't really as bad as we thought and we can afford to throw a little TARP money at small business.
I'm telling you, these guys are winging it, they haven't a clue.

..... said...
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