Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Angels can't fly.


Dan said...

I have to agree. How the Hell did Clarence make it down to the bridge to save George Bailey since he didn't have his wings yet?

Based on this evidence, I believe that Angels are more of a teleporter breed. The wings are just showy accessories to denote good deeds accomplished [cue bells ringing].

Ghost of Halloween Past said...

Dan's comment is the best use of anecdotal evidence as a proof point ever. And I fully supporter the teleporter theory.

Mudge said...

"But angels have normal-sized bodies and cherubs and putti are often given additional weight, portrayed as chubby babies with tiny wings. They also lack the powerful muscles which allow birds to beat their wings."

Apparently the author missed the latest Victoria's Secret special.

Anonymous said...

Ummm...they are Angels. I had always assumed that the wings were just ornamentation. Never occurred to me that they were actual propulsion. That would get tiring. I have never seen an Angel portrayed as 'out of breath'. One more for teleportation or some sort of divine, I want to be there and therefor I am.

Anonymous said...

Since they are God's creation, they can do anything he wants them to do. Anatomically correct or not, with or without wings it would not matter.

I would think that the nuns had taught you better.

Ben Dover said...

Sounds as if someone's gonna get a ruler across the hand or posterior or both.

CC Dunted said...

Clarence jumped in after George, remember? He didn't fly down to get him - he even had to dry out his clothes like George - loved those skivvies.

We are mere mortals and our limited brains just cannot understand how angels might fly.

Dan said...

It's gotta be teleporter. Remember the scene from "It's a Wonderful Life?
Clarence is being wrestled by the policeman at 320 Sycamore. He yells, "Oh Joseph! Oh Joseph!" and then disappears out from under the policeman.

Speaking of "It's a Wonderful Life," why doesn't Clarence just tell George Bailey where Uncle Billy misplaced the money?

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