Saturday, December 26, 2009

Mike Wise is Tiger Woods

Haven't heard of Mike Wise? Well, don't be hard on yourselves. He's a sports columnist for the Washington Post. And in this bit of day after Christmas of over the top exhibitionism, he reveals to readers his link to Tiger Woods (and Rick Pitino, and Mark Sanford et al) by making tangential references to his own weakness (several times, while each time assuring us that this was not the place to discuss such failings).

What was the point of this? After reading and re-reading several times, I just can't figure it out. Is it an act of public contrition, made as an offering to she who was hurt? Is it an act of public masturbation by a dweeb who desperately wants all the boys in the sports page to read that he is some kind of Casanova?

No Mike--you're not Tiger Woods.


Anonymous said...

Do you ever listen to Mike Wise on the new 106.7 sports talk radio station? He is VERY self aggrandizing. He loves nothing more than talking about himself and making it appear that he is being self deprecating. But he just wants to throw it out there that he has dabbled his toes in those waters as well.

Oh another thing he loves to do is throw little Latin lessons into his talk just so we can remember that this radio gig is just his hobby and that he is a real journalist the rest of the time.

Dan said...

You suppose the person he was unfaithful with was Barney Frank?

"The Hammer" said...

TMZ supposedly is starting a sports gossip site and the establishment sports press is not pleased. In Europe sports figures have long been subjected to, eh... press scrutiny. Beckham bangs the nanny; on the back page of The Sun. Van Persie get drunk in Amsterdam and goes on a rampage; read all about it in full colour in The News of the World.
This all sounds good to me. I think American sports have been corrupted by HGH and steroids and assorted hellraising. We don't need more sycophantic sportwriters kissing athletes and managements asses just for access.
Oh yeah, in European Football (soccer) if you're caught smoking a spliff you're banned for a year, forget about the hard stuff. In the NFL and MLBB they don't even test for many drugs.

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