Sunday, December 27, 2009

Exactly Who Do You Have to Piss Off Around Here to Make the List?

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, who did a really bad Richard Reid impersonation in a plane on approach to Detroit Christmas morning, reportedly was not listed on any US "no fly" lists. That doesn't really cause me any great concern. How are we supposed to root out every one of these international misfits worldwide? I mean, it's not as if these terrorists' loved ones are walking into our embassies and reporting their own son to a foreign (USA) government.

Nigeria's This Day newspaper cited family members as saying that the suspect's father, Umaru Mutallab, the retired chairman of First Bank in Nigeria, has been uncomfortable with his son's "extreme religious views" and had reported him to the US embassy and Nigerian security agencies six months ago.
Uh....well, let's read on...surely we did something about that...

The US government created a record on Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab last month in the intelligence community's central repository of information for known and suspected international terrorists
See, not so bad. Someone took that information and apparently passed it on to the right folks.

...but there was not enough negative data to place him on a no-fly list, a US official said.

Please do not tell me that there is some concern about a non-US citizen's "right to fly" into the United States of America after his own father reports him to his own nation's security forces AND to our embassy. I hope Speaker "You Lied, CIA" Pelosi insists on an investigation to shine some light onto the Administration's handling of this intelligence critical to domestic security.

After all the light we saved by not shining it on the health care "reform", there ought to be a surplus of it for this. Oh, wait, main stream media? Are you back from your post-inauguration slumber yet? Got a light?



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Anonymous said...

CW, this will come down like a house of cards on the administration. Bottom line is that mechanisms that were in place or being established are simply not utilized and are frowned upon. They are being dismissed by indifference. I am not sure that the father's statements should have landed the man on the no fly list, but it should have at least suspended his multiple entry visa until further interviewed by an immigrations/consular officer. When his passport was run it should have been flagged saying, the visa had been suspended. An issued passport or visa does not mean travel with impunity for 10 years.

The administration has been bowing rather than actively seeking to defend our shores and keep us safe. This has been done through tacit condemnation of the previous administration and the gutting of the CIA and FBI's moral. These incidents will continue.

Dan said...

Bush Doctrine vs. Obama Doctrine. Take your pick.

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