Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Are You Ready To Rumble?

In 1988 when George Sr. was running for President there was a lot of talk about "the wimp factor". There were stories everywhere planted by the Democrats about how GHWB was just a rich guy, "born on second base and thought he had hit a double" to quote Jim Hightower. He had no guts, a company man, Reagan's lap dog etc. Time even had a cover about Bush being a wimp. Well George the first put an end to that line of attack when Dan Rather interviewed him in in January '88 and came out with guns a blazin'. Rather hated the Bush family from way back and he tried to put the V.P. right in the middle of Iran-Contra. It didn't work out so well. The Old Man mopped the floor with Dan's silly ass and laid that "wimp" stuff to rest. Romney has yet to do that.

As you may recall Tina Brown over at that dying rag Newsweek ran much the same cover back in June. "The Wimp Factor: Is Romney too insecure to be President?" Not is he too nice a guy but is he too neurotic? Romney was interviewed by Bob Schieffer, one of Dan's old buddies at CBS that next weekend and he asked the candidate about it. Romney just laughed it off, no sweat ha ha ha. An opportunity missed in my opinion. I wonder if he's laughing now?

Here's the thing. People don't mind a son-of-a-bitch as their President, otherwise Nixon wouldn't have been elected twice. But what they absolutely will not tolerate is weakness. Say what you will about Barack Obama but he has stuck to his guns. He's got balls. So far Romney has failed to display his. The American people are ready, they want a new President. They know Obama is a failure and they are looking desperately for an alternative. But they will not vote for a guy who can't get angry. We are angry. We are angry at the economy, the prospect of war, the debt, our mortgage, our husband's erectile dysfunction and our wife's sagging boobs. WE'RE PISSED! And if Romney can't show a little backbone, a little indignation and aggression after all the stuff they've done to him these past few years then this guy has no soul.

He's got six weeks. He needs to walk up to the biggest kid on the playground and knock the everlovin' shit right out of him, otherwise that what's Obama is going to do to us in November.

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I can argue with nothing in this post.

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