Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Agenda For Tonight's Radio Show

Be sure to tune into my show tonight on Blog Talk Radio--The Conservative Wahoo Live! starts at 8PM and goes for an hour. Call in at (347) 637-2203 and join in the fun.

Here's what I'm planning to talk about:

--Arizona Immigration Story
--South Park Fatwa
--Role of Shame in our society--is there one? Does shame exist?
--Goldman Sachs circus
--Commission on Fiscal Responsibility

and time permitting, Big Fred will lead us in discussing "How deep is your commitment to the Republican Party? If the other side rolled on guns and abortion, would you still vote republican?"


Ghost of Halloween Past said...

Jon Stewart's response to the South Park threats in the name of religion or politics. It's just so 12th century.

"The Hammer" said...

Ann Coulter is always talking about how liberals constantly congratulate each other for their "courage"; for stuff like standing up at a rally in San Francisco demanding gay marriage. The newspapers invariable portray the speaker as "courageous" for "speaking truth to power" or some such nonsense. This is one of the big lies the media is constantly foisting on us.
I have never meet a liberal who wasn't a pussy. Not leftists mind you, real leftists are head-crackers. But liberals are all talk and if sent to prison would be on their knees before lunch.

"The Hammer" said...

I called in tonight and was my usual brilliant self, but Big Fred always compliments me. It's appreciated, (I admire and respect him as well) but it makes me feel like a talking dog. Big Fred, my man, for the record, Rednecks can hold their own in intelligent conversation too. We just talk funny.
Gotta go, the old lady has the livers, gizzards and rice ready.

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