Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tom Boswell Priggishly Moralizes On Tiger

I'm generally a fan of WaPost sportswriter Tom Boswell, but this piece is ridiculous. The suggestion that Woods' prodigious infidelity has "damaged" golf is laughable--it has damaged Tiger Woods' reputation as a man and a human being. But it has done nothing to the sport. If anything, a win at Augusta would be good for golf, and good for Tiger.


Sally said...

I agree with what you say and I suspect there are way more people paying attention to the Masters this year than ever before.

But this All Tiger, All The Time business is getting so tiresome.

"The Hammer" said...

What I'd like to know is how can we be this horribly racist country if the two biggest movers of consumer products for the past 25 years are both black? I of course refer to Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan. Are only blacks and liberals persuaded by their mercantile charms? Do only blacks and liberals drive Buicks or drink Gatorade?

And why is it politicians are excoriated for their infidelities and sports figures aren't? The crowd today at Augusta were all over Woods. Obviously all is forgiven.

And why aren't Nike and Woods being taken to task for using the words of a dead man, Tiger's Daddy Elwood or Elrod or whatever his name is, to rehabilitate Tiger's image?

And lastly, did you see Tiger's shot on #9. He hit a draw that was un-Godly straight up on the green barely on the fringe (I love that word fringe, don't ask me why). He's still got it.

Bill_C said...

He may win 20 majors but will be regarded in the end as a great ball striker, not a great person. He will never eclipse the greatness of Arnold Palmer or Jack Nicklaus.

What's really interesting is that Earl Woods was speaking of his wife and not his son when he recorded those words. I think Nike is going to regret that commercial.

Leather Tuscadero said...

Tom Boswell!? Loved him as Mr. C on Happy Days

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