Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Radio Show Bleg

Ok folks, busy next two days for me, what with moving out of the Arlington crib and all--so I need some help putting together the agenda for the radio show tomorrow night (Wednesday). What subject(s) do you think are worth talking about?


Mudge said...

I think you could do a whole show on why so many of our fellow citizens are so willing to make America assimilate to invaders. We should learn Spanish rather than have "undocumented workers" learn English. We should support same's needs rather than have them properly (and welcomely) join our electorate and taxpaying base. We should keep Americans such as Billy Graham Jr out of Prayer Breakfasts for fear of upsetting Islamic sensitivities. We should abandon satire and political commentary when it comes to the pillar of worship for people who saw off other people's heads.

Is America worth saving to these fellow citizens?

"The Hammer" said...

Arlington, Va. evokes such wonderful memories for me. As you may know, the first death of the War of Northern Aggression occurred in Arlington. A short little pipsqueak named Elmer Ellsworth took his daddy's money and outfitted a bunch of NY cops and firemen in ultra-gay "I Dream of Genie" gear, and declared himself a Colonel.
Well, as it happened, "Colonel" Ellsworth was in Arlington and saw a Confederate Flag flying over an inn. He immediately ran to the roof -on his short little legs- and took it down. The innkeeper took offense and introduced Ellsworth to a double-barrel scattergun. And the rest is history.

BigFred said...

What if the top two hotbutton for each party were totally off limits, as in settled: 2nd Amendment and Roe v. Wade were off the table. How many people would vote differently?

BigFred said...

And how about the President's speech for voters in November. Not for all Americans to vote, but for African Americans, Latinos, and women, essentially those who elected him, to turn out in the same numbers that they did for the Presidential election. What happened to the "United States of America" that he talked about after he was elected in Chicago? The turnout from those demographics will not be as large as it was for the Presidential race, because there is no "first ever" panache, and the first election cycle after the election has no zing! factor. The Democrats are going to what I imagine a $5 hooker in a mill town feels on Payday when it is all over.

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