Thursday, April 29, 2010

Obama To Sue Arizona For Enforcing Federal Law

It seems some in the Obama Administration are urging the Justice Department to file suit against Arizona for passing a law which essentially makes the Federal crime of being in the country illegally also a State crime. I have deep reservations about the Arizona law, but the Feds are just plain caught with their pants down on this one, not doing their jobs, not enforcing current Federal law, and not providing the resources necessary to control the southern border.


"The Hammer" said...

This is a new low. Not only will liberals ignore laws they don't like but will sue to force others to ignore laws they don't like.

Bill said...

Since it is already a Federal law that aliens must carry identification on them (alien registration card) this law simply makes it a state issue too. Additionally, a person with a state of Arizone DL is assumed legitimate because of the identification requirements to get that license.
People may not like it but it will hold up.

Anonymous said...

The thought of a fed with his pants down...ewww

Anonymous said...

The Arizona/Mexico border is a disaster. There is no national government to enforce the law. The area is lousy with criminals, who operate with near-impunity. And now the Federal Government is trying to stop the local government from exercising even some minimum level of sovereignty in the area.

The border area is a failed state!

Somalia, by contrast, at least has international navies patrolling nearby, ready to act.

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