Tuesday, April 13, 2010

WaPost Fawning Administration Portrait, Part 28

I wonder what the dialogue is like in the newsroom; does the Political Editor scream out "hey, we haven't had a fawning profile of an administration figure in 23 days--somebody get ON IT!" and then "voila", we have one--much like this latest version in which we are educated about the under-utilization of the uber-talented, oh so smart and "he's got the pulse of the President" Press Secretary Robert Gibbs.

Methinks Jason Horowitz will find himself on the Gibbs Christmas card list now, and well maybe Gibbs will even answer his phone calls without evasion.

I love the reference the fact that Obama had slipped the press pool representative--as if he'd committed an impeachable offense. Good on Obama. We do not have a RIGHT to have his kids' soccer game covered, simply because the One attended. Why the Press thinks we do, or that it has some duty to cover it, is beyond me.


"The Hammer" said...

I can just see that lump walking into the West Wing every morning with his 4 bacon, egg & cheese biscuits.

LTJG G said...

wow, they cleaned up the Pulitzer's this year, someone must think they are doing something right, I am not one of them, some of their stuff I must admit is ok reading, but like the Gibbs article, it should have been on whitehouse.gov and not in a news paper.

Anonymous said...

There is room for features in newspapers. This one seemed to hint at the White House circumventing the press and going straight to the public using social media. A fact that must drive the press nuts but if it works - more power to them.
An important part of any effective PR program is making sure the communication team has a seat with the dominant coalition. It seems Gibbs has that for the time being.

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