Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Navy To Name Ship After Murtha

The Navy announced yesterday that it will name a SAN ANTONINO Class LPD in honor of recently deceased Representative John Murtha (D-PA).

Putting aside for a moment the continuing farce that is the Navy ship-naming convention, affixing Mr. Murtha's name to a ship while real and continuing issues of ethics violations and abuses of power remain fresh in the collective memory--seems oddly premature.

Additionally, the irony of US Marines riding to battle in a ship named for a man who so recklessly pre-judged the guilt of Marines involved in the deaths of non-combatants in Haditha, is manifest.

This is a poor decision, and it should be reconsidered.

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Goldwater's Ghost said...

Perhaps it would be fitting then, to name a sub-Marine after Murtha.

Jimmy Ray said...

Aye carumba...this is ridiculous. can we give the dead at least a few months of rest before we launch into the naming? and you are so right in that our ship naming is even more jacked up...USS WILLIAM JEFFERSON CLINTON is just around the corner...

Dear ol' Dad said...

Pull a few strings with your friends in the Pentagon young man. Naming anything after John Murtha except a trash wagon would be frightful and a direct insult to our Military.

BigFred said...

CW you have made the big time with a mention at

Please try to remember us little people at your acceptance speech.

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