Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Congressional Dems To Skip Budget Process This Year

From the WaPost and straight from the horse's mouth (well, Steny Hoyer), Democrats (like Republicans while they were in control) are unlikely to bring up budget talks this Fall, as we wouldn't want all those untidy facts to come out right about the time folks are trying to get re-elected.

Here's Steny's riff: "it is difficult to pass budgets in election years because, you know, they reflect what is the status. And the status of this country was brought into deep debt by the economic policies of the Bush administration."

Notice the continuing reliance on the previous administration; notice the evasion of responsibility by the Majority Leader of the party in power in Congress since 2006. Notice what's missing here: any suggestion that such a budget might actually MITIGATE any of the debt we currently find ourselves in, whether legacy Bush debt (actually, Bush debt is the accumulated debt of the Republic, but that's another post) or Obama debt.

Obviously, they will eventually have to take up the budget--but it will be after the November elections.

Such courageous people, our Representatives in Washington.


"The Hammer" said...

The "just when you think you've seen it all" department.
The Dems have busted the budget all to Hell and back and know the Republicans will use the issue in November. So what to do? Don't have a budget... yeah, that's the ticket!

Mudge said...

"'s mouth (well, Steny Hoyer)"

That's the problem with you life-long city dwellers who move outside the beltway and think you are suddenly "country". You can't even tell which end of a horse is which.

Anonymous said...

Not passing the budget will give Democrats the perfect platform to at least approve a CRA "in support of our troops" to help burnish those National Defense credentials. It will be great sport to see how they handle the fact that the OCO budget will remain basically the same. Even with the Iraq drawdown complete, or near complete, Afghanistan is still an expensive place to operate out of. Zero-sum gain.

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