Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ahh, the Joy of Shaving Your Face Every Morning for the Rest of Your Life

Never mind the incredible medical feat of reconstructing a human face, it seems to me that a beard generating face would require additional medical effort and risk to the less-hirsute option. Yet this face transplant recipient apparently felt a need to go for the ZZ Top upgrade and his doctors (and apparently a donor who was more than happy to get rid of his own shaving requirements) willingly agreed.

I reluctantly shave every morning because I become even less visually appealing than I already am when I grow a beard. But the act of shaving is not something I enjoy doing. Especially when, in a rush to get the chore over with, I nick a nanometer of facial hide that apparently is all there is between the atmosphere and my aorta for the amount of blood that spews forth (I look soooo nice with two or three rolls of Charmin stuck to my face).

So I have to wonder, why the extra cost, risk and effort when the patient had the chance to avoid shaving for the rest of his life?


Doc Milnamo said...

My Mudge, you're such a handsome lad.

DavidB said...

Go electric. Never worry about nicks again.

BigFred said...

I don't shave everyday because I no longer have to. Come to find out my facial hair somewhat resembles Fidel Castro/Che Guevara/Yassar Arafat, in that it come in patches, is mostly grey, and looks bad. While on active duty I of course shaved when required, but always wanted to keep a goatee. Fail.

thallie said...

I have to shave my ass.

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