Monday, April 12, 2010

A Victor Davis Hanson Travelogue

VDH describes his travels around his homestate of California. Some really interesting observations here, including:

"A strange elite I suppose likes and pays for the ambiance — that is, living among people like themselves — of upscale university centered communities. Why? I have a theory. It allows them to be liberal and progressive in the abstract, without having to live the logical consequences of their utopianism, or deal with the underbelly of American life. Take the most sophisticated Palo Alto dweller, and a week outside of Laton on a farm would make her, well, “seasoned” so to speak, and challenge much of her assumptions about wealth and poverty."

We really don't spend much time considering what poor in America means these days. Hanson does. He reminds us that it means running water, corpulence, air conditioning, cell phones, and flat screens. This "unjust" and "unfair" system of market capitalism has done a pretty fair job providing even its underclass a pretty fair deal.

All this courtesy Instapundit.

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