Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Pound Of Flesh; And Soon, Your Spleen

New York State Assemblyman Richard Brodsky has introduced a measure into that state's legislature that would automatically enroll all state residents as organ donors, unless they specifically opt out the donation program.

Remember, it's for the children.


Robert Thorn said...

What's it matter? One is presumably an ex-person, not pining away for anything, and there are waiting lists for donation of every usable organ, no?
I guess that if the person were lazy and did not take the time to opt out, he might, against his true will run afoul of some religious diktat, but I can't really get too excited about this one.

Now, if your true aim was for the Monty Python segue. Well-played sir!

Dan said...

If I donate an organ, can I get a tax break, or at least deduct it from the estate taxes my heirs will inherit?

Goldwater's Ghost said...

It was primarily for the seque.

But I am a little uncomfortable with the idea of the state dictating my charity. It is, after all, a gift - a donation that I decided to make of my own volition presumably after some introspection (I am an organ donor myself).

The awareness program for organ donation is fairly well established. Many, if not all, states allow you to opt in to the program when you obtain or renew a driver's license. In fact, when I recently renewed my license, the DMV attendent asked the person in front of me point blank whether she realized that she did not check the organ donor box on her renewal form (to her credit, woman confidently answered in the affirmative). I'm not sure laziness is necessarily to blame.

Mudge said...

Ahh my young GGrasshopper, you have much to learn. You still believe that individuals should make choices about themselves for themselves. This is old think. In the new world, it is the state who has all wisdom. You will come around but first you must attend and graduate from education camp.

"The Hammer" said...

I prefer to sell my organs to some Japanese gangster. They're always looking for livers and by the time I get through with mine, we'll see who gets the better deal.
Remember Singapore, Manila and Nanking!

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