Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Topics For Tomorrow Night's Radio Show

I'll be thinking about a program for our hour together on internet radio tomorrow night, so I want to ask the intelligent, eloquent, and passionate among you to suggest topics I might want to work into the lineup. Just leave your ideas here.


Steve Froelich said...

2 possibilitites to explore...
What is center-right?

Separated from Evangelical Conservatism? Politically Correct Safe Zone? Not a member of a country club; Rockefeller or Travis Tritt? RINO? Mavrick? Double my chances of getting a date on Sat night? Real conservatism scares old people and little children?

Are willing to ask for more concrete examples of our representatives commitment to our founding principals and an articulated demonstration of the threat that progressivism weilds in the government. For Example.
Rep Paul Ryan schooled the President and all the other lawyer-politicians at the healthcare summit in the finer point of economics. Why did republicans distance themselves from him afterwards when you would have thought that clearly they should rally around the only person in the room having eloquently dismantled the bill at hand and offered a fiscally sound solution? Incapable of understanding economics? Hadn't read polling numbers yet to see how Ryan looked?

BigFred said...

New SCOTUS nominee.

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