Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Plan for Tonight's Radio Show (4/14)

For those who wish to tune in to the Conservative Wahoo Live! Internet Radio Program at 8PM here is the lineup of conversation for tonight’s show:

• Stevens Retiring, Supreme Court nomination
• My definition of “Center-Right”
• 2012 Republican Race overview
• Confederate Week in Virginia
• Navy to name ship after John Murtha

Be sure to call in at (347) 637-2203 to air your views and join in the conversation.


Anonymous said...

Let's talk about hearing aids.

The rush for Apple's iPad selling for between $500 and $700 is an example of good old American ingenuity and technology. How come such skills have not found their way to the hearing aid industry?

A so-called good aid sells between $1,800 and $2,400, and the circuitry absolutely does not come close to that of any of the new electronic gadgets available. Most hearing aids marketed in the United States are manufactured overseas with child labor. I gauge material cost of one hearing aid to be between $60 and $80 at the most.

Our illustrious FDA insists that aids be sold only by qualified trained persons. The requirement of these so-called qualified persons is a high school diploma. If the FDA kept its nose out of the picture and allowed all the various department stores free sale ability, it would erase this tremendous scam being perpetrated on the general public, mostly seniors and veterans.

One has only to visit any assisted care facility and see how many poor souls cannot hear because they just cannot afford the price of favorable hearing devices. These scam practices are just unforgiving.

James A. McGrath


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SayWhatSonny? said...

Apple sells its iPad's with an expectation of using it as a delivery device for other Apple products (apps, music, etc). The technology is priced to some extent, based on this relationship (similar to the cellphone industry, who will often GIVE you a phone in order to make the money on the service it delivers).

Perhaps you'd be satisfied with a set of $500 hearing aids that kept track of how many sounds they processed, and then charged you a monthly rate based on that amount?

Anonymous said...

What good is a hearing aid if a man refuses to listen?

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