Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Conservative Wahoo LIVE! Tonight at 8PM

Ok folks, we're back in the swing of things with another hour of "the thinking person's conservative talk radio". The tentative plan for tonight is:

1. Why Liberals Love Apple (not that some Conservatives don't also)
2. Nuclear Treaty with Russia/Nuclear Posture Review--why it is a good thing, and what might be some weaknesses.
3. A Discussion of Conservative Radio
4. Henry Waxman and the CEO Healthcare Shakedown
5. A Discussion of Immigration Reform
6. Great week in sports (NCAA, Masters, Start of Baseball)

You can catch the program on the web at The Conservative Wahoo Live!, and call in at
(347) 637-2203. I'd like to make a heartfelt request for more listeners to call in--your calls are what make the show, not my monotonous blather.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Why do liberals love Apple? Apple cultivated that image as sort of an anti-corporate thing. You remember the ads, "Think Different", "A Computer for the Rest of Us" etc.
They still have only 8% of the PC market but their market cap is growing due to expansion in music, cell phones etc. Now they're making CW types with their Kindles sick with envy. Too bad.
Most analysts have them pegged at 300 (AAPL) so I rate it a buy.

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