Sunday, April 18, 2010

Some Realism On Air Travel

Here's an interesting column from this morning's WaPost--adding a little realism to what people seem to remember as the "golden age of flying".

I remember having to dress up for flights in the early 70's--not an airline rule, but clearly the norm. Not anymore.

Spirit Air has announced that they will begin charging for carry-on bags. GOOD! I have no problem with that. You should be charged for your seat, and for whatever else you bring along. Anything that can be done to minimize carry-ons is OK by me!


"The Hammer" said...

Well nobody has to worry about flying to Europe any time soon. My Irish wife is going home in July, partly to celebrate her 40th. birthday with old friends and partly to see her "Da" who has the Big C and might not have too many more birthdays himself. I've read this volcano could cause trouble for months. Gee I hope not. I've already bought my "Emperors Club" pass at Crazy Horse and I think it's non-refundable.

DavidB said...

It has aggravated me for YEARS that the airlines have not enforced their own established size limits on carry on baggage. We are where we are today due to this. Start enforcing those size limits and practically all problems related to carry ons go away.

David said...

I completely agree with the minimization of carry on bags. That slows down the process of flying more than any other aspect outside of the security check.

People who carry huge roller bags on have to stop in the isle, find a place to put it, then struggle to get it in the overhead. Not to mention what it does for the weight distribution of the plane. I have seen full scale shouting matches break out over storing a roller bag.

When you check your bag there is plenty of room for it, someone with some knowledge of how to distribute weight in an airplane, and it avoids a group of cramped, cranky adults who act like children.

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