Friday, April 30, 2010

Immigration Cartoon

From Investors Business Daily


"The Hammer" said...

The next time I'm driving down the road drunk, hanging my Smith out the window seeing how many signs I can hit, if I get stopped, I'm just telling 'em I'm Mex-kin.
I know it ain't gonna work though. The Redneck is so imbued in my DNA I have a birthmark that looks remarkable like a PBR logo.

Willie Bangor said...

Is that "Smith" as in "and Wesson" or as in another common last name like "Johnson"?

The former would be impressive. The latter would be both impressive AND painful.

"The Hammer" said...

Smith & Wesson model 669.

Anonymous said...

I have a really innovative idea to solve the immigration issue...Let's pass a federal law which requires that all citizens carry their passport and federally issued national I.D. with them at all times. If a cop sees someone who looks like he didn't grow up in that town, use any one of the President's/Governor's/Mayor's millions of laws to pull him over, and if he's NOT carrying his I.D. then detain him! Throw him in jail!

If we could just find some way to get MORE MORE MORE government involvement in restricting and regulating peoples' movement and job opportunities...that would be really great for keeping non-Americans out! Limit free trade cuz those greedy business owners don't give a damn about real Americans! They just want their profit, and we better make sure that they don't get it..we can do it by making their employees illegal!

^Yeah, that's what you so-called conservatives sound like. Yapping away about free trade, less government, "blah blah the liberals just want to regulate everything and they love their socialist Obama and his Big Government Policies." You dimwitted conservative hacks are just the same. You hate free trade when it hurts you, you hate less government when big government would make your life better and you love socialist policies like government prohibitions on where individuals can choose to work and live. But you are so, so much worse, because at least the liberals KNOW when and why they are advocating for big government policies. Conservatives, however, campaign for big government policies under the guise of being individualist and free.

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