Saturday, December 26, 2009

Terror Plot Foiled?

News today of yet another person bearing a name that sounds remarkably like that of an adherent to a "religion of peace" attempting to blow himself and a few hundred others to smithereens, this time on a flight bound for Detroit. A combination of 1) his stupidity 2) and a fast acting passenger seem to have averted another terrible outcome.

I'm awfully glad we continue to come up against idiots--either they are running out of smart people or they are doing things we have not sense of.

Perhaps Jay Rockefeller will get to the bottom of it. If you read the link through to the end, you would have seen that Senator Rockefeller (D-WV) is on the J-O-B, having announced "hearings" to look into this matter when the Senate returns from its break. Don't you just feel safer already?


Anonymous said...

"The man was quickly subdued after another passenger lept on top of him."

Did that guy get an EQM Bonus?

Seriously, do I feel safer? A chance to watch another hearing on C-SPAN. How many reminders do we need that we still need to take the business seriously? Do we need additional deaths. More placating? When does the nuanced strategy kick in? What is the nuanced strategy. Maybe I missed it.

Anonymous said...

Oh and also, I forgot to mention above. I have to give the White House props though for using the 'T' word. They still have not called Maj. Hassan a Terrorist. I am somewhat surprised that the spin to this story is that the freedom loving citizen of the world was celebrating his entry into US Airspace and was ruthlessly attacked by fear mongering co passengers.

Doc Milnamo said...
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Doc Milnamo said...

Senator (ex-gov) Jay Rockefeller. Between he and the Klansman, is there any doubt why WV is near the bottom of everything?

"The Hammer" said...

Why are you poking fun at West Virginia folks? Who else could be married to their step-grandmother on their mother's side and their niece on their father's side?

Mudge said...

Flew into Tampa from Norfolk on Thursday (before terrorist attempt) and out of Tampa into BWI then Norfolk today (after terrorist attempt). Two observations: (1) the federal employees of the TSA seemed surprisingly understaffed for one of the busiest travel times of the year and (2) there was no discernable difference before or after the incident. Part of the reason the Bush Administration grew government so much to the delight of the Dems was because the Dems wouldn't let us make TSA a contracted service. Consequently, we end up with about the usual mix of federal workers and federal feeders at TSA. It appeared only the workers showed up on Thursday (suspect the feeders were 'sick' over the holidays).

Doc Milnamo said...

DHS head Janet Napolitano said that "the system worked" in the thwarting of the bomber.

System worked? Are you kidding me? The goddam fuse malfunctioned. Had it not, there would be a couple hundred bodies strewn across the Michigan countryside. What an asshat.

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