Sunday, April 4, 2010

Duke-Butler Final....Tough Call

Wow. I don't know what to do with this one. On the one hand, you have the Hated Duke Blue Devils, standard bearers of the much-loved Atlantic Coast Conference. On the other, the Butler Bulldogs are just plain good, and a great story to boot. If Butler were playing a team from any other conference in the country, I'd be pulling for them--but since they face an ACC foe, I'll pull for Goliath in this battle with David.

I will derive little pleasure from a Duke win--but will hope for it nonetheless.

But man, Butler winning would ROCK college basketball.


Doc Milnamo said...

"But man, Butler winning would ROCK college basketball." I agree and that is why I want Butler. I do like Duke, quite a bit in fact and if they were playing anyone but a "Cinderella" team, I would root for them, but I want David. If Virginia or NC State were in it, I would of course be rooting for either of these two.

Anonymous said...

why this affinity for this so-calledleague?

Anonymous said...

Duke is shooting the lights out. They're spreading the defenses and running them ragged, their passing is crisp and sharp, their shot selection is outstanding. And, unlike in previous years they have a good big man in Zoubek. Don't see 'em losing.

Ray D'Alabowtit said...

If Butler wins, I envision at least one headline: "Who Killed the Duke? The Butler Did It."

Anonymous said...

Hey let's backoff a little bit, CW just LUVS Duke University.
Hey CW, is kitten gonna be wearing her blue dress tonight?

Watch with caution, this video is disturbing (talk about mutton dressed as lamb).

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