Thursday, April 1, 2010

March 2010 Blog Stats

Total Visits: 4671
Return Visits: 3238 (69%)
New Visitors: 1426 (31%)
Average Time On Site: 3:56
Dec 2o09 Average Daily Visitors: 117
January 2010 Average Daily Visitors: 146
February 2010 Average Daily Visitors: 159
March 2010 Average Daily Visitors: 151

Little dip in readership this month after three months of steady gain. Could be that I phoned it in for a few days while I was busy with work. All in all, looks like we have a going concern here.


Anonymous said...

I told you slick, nobody moves the needle like "The Hammer".
Now say you're sorry.

Anonymous said...

Yeah right Hammer, in your dreams.

PK said...

I'm confused by the title. I'm assuming "2020" is a typo, because if you're posting your projections for the next decade, you'll need at least 7 digits in the "Total visits" field.

Steve Jobs said...

If you had used a smart phone, you might have been able to phone it in and still keep up your blug.

Smoothfur said...

Check this out and you will all feel smart by comparison.

Very scary that we have people like thiis in Congress.

Notice the Admiral's face turn red as he supresses his urge to laugh out loud.

Anonymous said...


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