Friday, April 2, 2010

Obama Administration's New Air Travel Screening--Feel Safer Yet?

Just after the Skivvy-Bomber attempted to deliver Detroit an unexpected Christmas present, the Obama Administration finally manned up and decided that national origin should be a factor in creating the conditions for additional screening of air passengers (and no, I did not say "the only factor"). If you hail from a country that seems prone to producing terrorists, well then by golly, you're gonna get a pat-down. Some called this profiling, I called it prudence.

Well, now the Obama Administration is turning away from this common sense measure, replacing it instead with a system that will "select passengers based on possible matches to intelligence information, including physical descriptions or a particular travel pattern".

Ah yes. Let's go back to just relying on our vaunted "intelligence" information. Ridiculous.

I've got an idea for the President--why not do BOTH?

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Anonymous said...

And this approach improves security how?? I agree that prudence is needed - but I also would like basic civil liberties not to be thrown out the window. Truth is no system will protect 100% - using both has merit. Personnally, as a frequent traveler, though I feel somewhat annoyed when given the special "patdown", i would rather be annoyed than dead.

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