Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Weekly Standard On Repeal Of Obamacare

I received my Weekly standard this week and saw the cover story--"REPEAL" in big red, bold letters. I immediately began to think that one of my favorite insightful, intellectually curious, conservative journals had lost its mind. Then I saw that the article was written by Yuval Levin, someone I've come to see as a voice of reason, depth, and information on the health care debate. So I read the article. You should too. It is perhaps the single best work I've seen on a strategic approach to dismantling this mess since it passed.

Of course, the central themes start with "win Congress and the Presidency", as would all attempts at repeal. This has been the sticking point for me, as I see those as more remote than some. But what Levin's done here is point out a number of structural elements of the bill that make it vulnerable. To use a war metaphor, this army (the bill) has extended supply lines that are vulnerable to attack--and in this case, it is the chronology of how the bill plays out over time.

I still see repeal as remote. I believe Republicans ought to be fighting for tort reform and market based enhancements. But I am persuaded that a repeal effort is not completely forlorn.

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Anonymous said...

Win the House, de-fund, ride out the last two years of Obama, THEN repeal and reform.
And next time make the trial lawyers howl.

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