Thursday, April 1, 2010

President Obama Decision on Offshore Oil Praiseworthy

Although I'm temperamentally inclined to these days to think that just about everything Barack Obama does is the next step to serfdom, his decision to open wide new areas offshore to oil drilling is the right one and should be celebrated. Now if he'd just wise up on ANWR, I'd really be hooting.

No liberal wags, this isn't just "Drill Baby, Drill". This is a recognition of the importance of developing domestic oil production as one of a number of options in energy diversification leading to an increased state of energy independence. "Shine Baby, Shine", "Blow Baby, Blow", "React Baby, React"--all useful forms of energy production should be encouraged.


Anonymous said...

Yeah right. It's like he allows a water truck at a burning building while not allowing access to the hydrants... for "conservation" reasons. You know just last week he arbitrary took away 60 exploration permits. These were in some of the most promising areas. He won't allow AMWAR, he won't allow California, he won't allow the eastern Gulf (that's reserved for the Cubans and their Vietnamese, Russian and Chinese drilling partners).
I will give him credit for this, he has temporarily pissed off part of his Greenie base. But again, that's only temporarily. As soon as they get the full scoop they'll back off immediately.
The fact is this is a bone to conservatives. He wants to distract them from Obamacare.

Adam G. said...

It is a good idea yet I read this morning that a Repubican SEN/REP said (It was early and I can't remember who said it)it was not a good idea. Yet when the Bush admin first started the discussion and Republican candidates were chanting Drill, Baby, Drill, it was the best idea to cure our addiciton to Mideast oil. Can anyone say Kerry-ism (FLIP FLOP)?

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