Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Agenda For Wednesday's Radio Show

Be sure to join in the fun Wednesday, 26 May at 8PM for The Conservative Wahoo Live! Call in at (347) 637-2203.

Here's our agenda:

We are hoping to spend the first part of the show talking with Republican Congressional Candidate Justin Bernier, who is running for Congress in the 5th District in Connecticut, and if his schedule can support it, he'll call in.

The rest of the show will go as follows:

Radio Show Notes

• Blair firing
o Denny Blair, DNI, fired
§ Retired four star Admiral
§ Was the Navy’s man at CIA as a two-star
§ Very good man
o Thought to lack political skills, or at least those that matter in this White House
§ Picked fights with Leon Panetta—“B” in judgment.
o Big slips in intelligence
§ Underwear bomber
§ Times Square bomber
o But….how can you fire Blair and not fire
§ Holder
§ Napolitano
• Calderon disses us on our own soil
o Arizona law
o Obama and Calderon both talk it down in the Rose Garden
o Speech before Joint Session of Congress
§ Dems cheered his chiding of Arizona
o Doesn’t have a leg to stand on
§ Mexican immigration law very strict
§ Mexican authorities can ask for papers! Just because of how one looks….
• South Korea/North Korea
o Sinking of South Korean ship
§ 46 dead
§ Norks did it
o SoKor so far not ratcheting up a military response
§ Serious diplomatic moves
o Theory is that this was the result of a “succession” issue in North
§ Still an unsatisfying answer
§ Why?
o In the tragedy, there is opportunity
§ Chance to expose China
§ Obvious Nork involvement—push sanctions, make China either act like an adult or expose them as rapacious
§ Demonstrate once again to nations in the region that in a choice between US and cozying up to China, there really is only one choice.
• Rand Paul, Wingnut?
o Bad, bad week
o Not ready for prime time
o Academic, theoretical approach to libertarianism just doesn’t cut it—difference between dorm room political smack talk and how you express yourself on national TV
o I’m not ready to designate him as a wingnut yet—but I’m getting close.
§ No secret that the Dems in KY were HOPING he’d be the Repub nominee
• Financial Regulation

Sorry the format is gooned up here a bit, but you get the gist of it.....

1 comment:

"The Hammer" said...

Looks like a lot to cover, are you doing a "lightening" round" or something?
And I didn't see Lindsey Lohan mentioned anywhere. That's very un-CW like. You know the poor thing has been mentioned quite a bit in the news lately. She couldn't make her court date because she was stranded in Cannes. Cannes!
Next time they pop me for shooting my neighbors dog or something, I'm gonna try that one.

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