Monday, May 3, 2010

Virginia's Attorney General Is Ridiculous

I looked on with approval when Virginia AG Ken Cuccinelli warned Virginia colleges against extending anti-discrimination protection to people based on sexual orientation (something the State Legislature had not yet done), though I wondered if his motives were something other than wishing to protect the Commonwealth from exposure to litigation.

When a liberal friend sent me this article from Charlottesville detailing Cuccinelli's personal "Climategate" investigation of increasingly marginalized climate scientist Michael Mann (who had spent time at UVA), I shook my head in dismay, wondering if there weren't any child molesters that Cuccinelli could spend time pursuing.

Now this--Cuccinelli has decided that the Great Seal of the Commonwealth of Virginia--which exposed the left breast of "Virtus" slaying a tyrant--was too much for our delicate eyes, and he (with PAC money) has designed an alternative seal and had it emblazoned on a pin that he distributed to his staff. I've linked to the story from Huffington Post--be not afraid, your eyes will not explode if you open it.

Cuccinelli was likely the beneficiary of Bob McDonnell's vast popularity in the 2009 election--and I'm beginning to think it unfortunate that this was the case. So far, I've seen nothing to like in this prig of a show-horse.


Mudge said...

Anyone who messes with the seal of the Commonwealth of Virginia is no Virginian in my book. Even if there is truth to his claim that this was meant as a joke, he ought to have joked with his own personal funds. Either way, leave the seal alone. It has never been so pertinent in my lifetime.

Shag said...

Hey LT - I served on the Turbo Dog with you from 93-97. I worked for Pat Huete. I came across your blog on FB. Look forward to following your thoughts. I tend to be "slightly" right of center myself... Take Care, Shag

The Conservative Wahoo said...

Great ship, Turbo Dog! Welcome Shag--contribute as you see fit.

Sally said...

He's certainly living up to the caricature he was painted as prior to the election.

Bill_C said...

Cuccinelli is a picture perfect example of the dangers of voting the party ticket. I voted for McDonnell and Bolling but thought Cuccinelli was "nuttier than a fruitcake" and voted for the Dem. Cuccinelli has down nothing to change my mind since the election.

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