Saturday, May 15, 2010

Coming Soon to a Location Near YOUR Home: Hip Hop Artist, PITBULL

Occasionally when driving home from DC to the more tranquil Eastern Shore, I listen to NPR. I know, I know, but the one thing about NPR is that I don't have to listen to 30-year old virgin DJs trying to be hip, 40-year old DJs who finally earned enough to pay not to be virgins but still trying to be hip and 50-year old car dealers who think yelling at me will make me want to rush to them with substantial amounts of money to enter into a serious business transaction. Every now and again, I force myself to endure the extreme edge of NPR, a lovely little piece of Amerikana called "Democracy NOW!"

Yesterday's program included a piece about Arizona's latest piece of legislation discontinuing "La Raza" (the Race) Studies in Arizona's public schools. Amy Goodman interviewed a "high school student" who had been arrested for a sit in against the legislation and who hoped her daughter would grow up to be proud of her for being arrested. Anyway, lovely arrested high school mother-daughter moment aside, the essence of the story was that Arizona is hopelessly mired in racism and that these La Raza Studies were the one thing that was starting to enlighten the state. Discussion of this law makes for a separate post but the one part of the Dem NOW! coverage that just tickled me was when Ms. Goodman nearly tinkled in her hemp panties as she breathlessly reported that following up on Hip Hop group "Cypress Hill's" lead, Hip Hop "artist", "Pitbull" has cancelled his planned appearance in Tucson to protest the racist policies of the state of Arizona. Poor unmarried, arrested highschool student mother and daughter won't be able to enjoy the thoughtful and melodic lyrics of songs like "Armada Latina" (Latina Army) together.

So let me get this straight. Get your Governor to pass a law like Arizona's and people like Cypress Hill and Pitbull will voluntarily choose to stay clear of your state's children?

"Dear Governor McDonnell,

What Arizona did.

Sincerely, Mudge"


Anonymous said...

Hemp panties sound like they'd be uncomfortable for all involved.

The Conservative Wahoo said...

Hemp panties. Nice.

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