Friday, May 14, 2010

Henry Louis Gates Debunks Reparations

Beer summit participant and Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates has a book coming out that skewers the notion of reparations begin paid to modern day blacks as recompense for the evils of slavery. Why? According to Gates (quoting other historians), 90% of blacks sold into slavery were sold by other blacks in Africa. Whoops.

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Tom de Plume said...

I've always made the same point. You mean to tell me that the white man who was too lazy to tend to his own crops was ambitious enough to trek through the jungle looking for slaves? Ha! The shipped pulled into port where one African warlord was quite happy to sell a few of his own slaves.

"The Hammer" said...

I don't know where in the Hell you guys get your history from. White Southerners are wholly responsible for slavery and the persecution of the Black man, no one else.
We conceived the concept of slavery. Slavery as an institution didn't exist before white Southerners came to America. We built the ships, sent them to the Ivory Coast (pretty good soccer team this World Cup, keep your eye on Drogba) kidnapped peace loving natives from their idyllic Garden of Eden, and brought them back to Southern plantations (we all had one).
Once they left the ship we started beating Hell out of the men and raping the women. It was all good fun with a handgun.
The idea that anybody other than Rednecks had or have had anything to do with the oppression of the black race is Satanic.

BigFred said...

Great article. Gates is still a moron, but it is a good article. William Tecumseh Sherman tried the "40 acres and a mule" trick in Field Order 15 on his renovation of Atlanta proper and Georgia in general, but it was rescinded by...the White House.

If you think ACORN, or the entire Diversity Industry is a scam (which I do...) what kind of rocket science would it take to determine who was eligible for reparations. Would there be degrees of reparations? Would it depend on how long your ancestors were enslaved. Would there be a bonus for where you were enslaved? Did the slaves have it harder in Virginia than in, say, South Carolina? But what if you ancestor did not do hard labor in the field, but worked in the Big House? Is that more or less reimbursable than field work?

Would red hair on African Americans (which is not native to Africa) prove that the red haired Irish overseers had a hard time (pun intended) leaving the help alone?

The fact that ANY elected official supports this in any way is just about as intelligent as the Island of Guam literally "tipping over" due to more troops being stationed there.

Packman said...

Renovation of Atlanta, BigFred that is very creative language. I've never heard it put that way before.

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