Friday, May 28, 2010

Obama And The Oil Spill

I'm not one of these people who is buying the whole "Obama isn't doing enough about the oil spill". I'm quite sure that there are places the federal government can be more helpful--but all in all, I think this is an incredibly complex catastrophic occurrence, and sometimes things like that happen. Has there been a failure of the system--the one that studies the safety of these rigs and the technical challenges therein? Yes. Should someone in the--oh, I don't know--fifty years of offshore drilling have sat a group of folks down and said, "yeah, I hear you, but what if THAT doesn't work?" Yes again. But all of this stuff should have been going on for decades, far longer than Barack Obama's been in office. The role of the feds now is to be helpful, clean up the mess and help out the residents. Plugging the hole? Not Barack's job, no matter what Meliah may think.

Yuval Levin says it all much better than I.

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