Friday, May 21, 2010

Big Fat Friday Free For All

So--what do you think of the Mexican President coming to our country and criticizing our laws? Especially given Mexico's far more draconian measures? Are we headed into the dreaded "double dip" recession that our resident bear--Goldwater's Ghost--has been predicting? Or is this just a bump in the road while the Euro's get their act together?

It's your turn people. Sound off on what you're thinking about today!


Tom de Plume said...

Calderone' remarks didn't surprise me, not did the Democrat's "blame America first" approval.

"The Hammer" said...

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botts21 said...

Calderone has no reason to fear for the safety of his citizens...provided they are here legally, with proper papers. I am steamed at Obama and the Dems for whining so much over this issue. As I see it, AZ is throwing a little more strength behind the existing rules for immigration and visiting.

Sally said...

Luckiest dude of the week: the Indiana congressman who revealed his affair this week. Brilliant timing.

BigFred said...

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"The Hammer" said...

BigFred, where's the cumin and garlic powder brotherman. Are you a damned radical crazy person or something?

Croisant Wrench said...

2 tablespoons MSG BigFred? Is this meant to replace rufies?

BigFred said...

My father skipped the MSG as do I but it is in the original. Some folks have adapted it with Garlic power (Philistines...) but I think cumin would not go well with this. Lemon powder is available from Penzey's spices online. No kidding, this stuff is like what I think crack cocaine is like to crack heads. If you taste this, you have met my father.

BigFred said...

And how does a foreign head of state speak to the assembled Houses, insult one or more of the States that elected the same members, and receive a standing ovation? Jesus, I can understand Brazil and Turkey pushing back from the table, but our own elected officials? It would be rude to boo, but I think that would have been a perfect time to check your Blackberry than to clap your hands.

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