Saturday, May 29, 2010

All Honor Mark Steyn

We are not worthy.


Cy Kaufant said...

I wonder what it is about Mr. Steyn that he fails to recognize the annointed one has come to save us from ourselves. He should be far more appreciative. I mean, has he not listened to any of the great speeches bestowed upon this land and its people who are so desperately in need of guidance, comfort and protection, indeed, salvation?

Goldwater's Ghost said...

Before I clicked on the link, I thought you were referring to Steyn's gem of a post in yesterday's NRO 'The Corner':

I had no idea until today that this was the marching slogan of Queers Against Israeli Apartheid:

Butch, femme, bottom, top
Israeli apartheid has to stop.

Hmm. Michael Coren expands on the paradox of an anti-apartheid rallying cry itself obsessed with categorization. But I found myself wondering: Is there a Queers Against Sharia? If not:

Butch, femme, top, bottom
Gay bars in Riyadh? It's hard to spot 'em

Bottom, top, femme, butch
Pride parade's dull since the Taliban putsch

Top, bottom, butch, femme
With complimentary FGM

Top, bott, butch, femme, trans
Quit your chanting and read your Korans.

"The Hammer" said...

Steyn always cuts to the chase and cuts to the quick.*

*The preceding is my attempt at nerd-wit.

Scott said...

Steyn brings a forthright clarity to the conversation that only an "outsider" can. He delivered a superb talk at the Hoover Institution last month. Stuck to the theme of his book "America Alone". Gist of it given in an interview with Uncommon Knowledge:

Anonymous said...

He should go back to Canada. Why did i follow the link?

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