Wednesday, May 5, 2010

On Travel

I'm in Newport, RI this week at the China Maritime Studies Institute's annual conference. Newport is a great town--I've spent a good bit of my adult life here going to various Navy schools. I'm staying in a fantastic old hotel--the Hotel Viking. I stayed here about ten years ago, and it had gone to seed a bit. Some upgrades have been implemented since then and it is really a nice place to stay.

One MAJOR complaint though. Remember those hotel room coffee pots? The one's I've written about here on the blog, the ones whose pots are seemingly equipped with some kind of "dribble" feature rendering them unable to be poured without excessive spillage? Well, I'd KILL for one of those right now. It's almost six am, room service doesn't start for another half hour, there is no free coffee in lobby until 7 and there's NO COFFEE POT IN THE ROOM. I've already fired off a feisty email to the management. Hmph.


"The Hammer" said...

Well I'm sitting in front of my computer reading the election results enjoying a cup of fresh brewed (Larry's Beans).
Another day in the life.

Dr Lister said...

You mean those hotel coffee pots the maids wipe out with they same washrag they use on your toilet?

The Conservative Wahoo said...

Dr. Lister--at the time I wrote that post, I would have taken a cup brewed with Mumbai slum outhouse water.

Pete Eefful said...

The horror! How is man to survive without the basic necessities of life? What is to become of us if repeatedly subjected to the lives of savages? Please don't tell me if your room hair dryer doesn't have a rotatable nozzle. I shant make it through the day if burdened with such worry.

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