Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bush Term 3 (Continued)

Here's a responsibly written WaPost editorial praising the Obama Administration for "gingerly" exploring ways of granting law enforcement authorities additional flexibility when dealing with suspected terrorism cases. By "tweaking" Miranda rights and the right to expeditious arraignment, the Post believes that basic Constitutional protections can be observed while also creating the time and space necessary to extract time sensitive intelligence.

Great. I'm happy that the Obama Administration is considering this, and I think there is a useful debate to be had.

But does ANYONE think that if this idea had arisen in the Bush Administration it would not have been EXCORIATED by the press as yet another incursion on civil liberties by an executive branch run wild? Where is the outrage? Won't this just be another one of those things that "angers" the Islamic world and contributes to terrorist "recruitment"? "See, those Americans will hold you now for 72 HOURS without going before a judge--is this not valid recourse to Jihad?"

Of course not. We won't see these things, as the Obama folks are talking sensibly about national security, unlike when they were running. GWB must be sitting in Dallas smiling when he reads stuff like this.

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Anonymous said...

The ability to execute IO (Info Ops) is very important. I am glad the current admin, in this particular case, is doing it well. Bush III should take note...

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