Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Harvard’s Double Standard on Gay Rights



Bill said...

Nice article. I guess we all have our price. Given the opportunity to ask her a few questions, my first would be "Did you ban former President Clinton from using the career center since without his signature this would not be an issue? He signed the law that begat the policy. My next would be why they didn't ban all the Senators that voted for the bill? Seems that in cause and effect, the military is taking it on the chin for something out of their control. If Congress passed a law directing DoD to hand Harvard Law $20 million a year and they wrote a policy saying no Kagan would have been sreaming to throw SECDEF in jail for violating the law.

"The Hammer" said...

I just wish the Republicans would go nuke one time. Look what the Dems did with Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas. Just once I'd like to see the Republicans raise Holy Hell and break out the flame-throwers. But it ain't gonna happen. They keep their balls in a jar up on the mantle.
So we get another Northeastern elitist. Great, they are so under-represented on the court.

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