Friday, May 14, 2010

Holder Too Busy To Read Law He Criticized

Attorney General Holder admitted before Congress today that the Arizona immigration law he has pilloried and threatened to challenge, has not made his reading list. Ten pages long, all the rage across the country, subject of his own heated rhetoric--and he hasn't read it.

How bout that?


Anonymous said...

Why does this surprise us. AG Holder has shown us repeatedly that he makes decisions off of the cuff and without any intellectual or academic rigor. The only real surprise is that he is employed this far into the administration. It would appear that President Obama's loyalty runs deeper than the vaunted President Bush loyalty.

Ray Gene Lounetik said...

Now everyone just hold on a minute!

The AG is a very busy man. How can you expect him to actually get time to read 10 pages when he has all those commitments to the weekend politics shows where he has to call more than half of Americans "cowards" and to pillory Arizona for their obviously racist, cowardly policies. And oh by the way all you pitchfork wielding, racist, teabagging mobs, let's not forget either, he DID devote the time to "glance at it." So just calm down and back off.

Plus, Holder, not quite dark-skinned enough and lacking his own home-grown terrorist to pen a book for him where he can "self identify as a black man" has to do a heck of a lot more than your average black man to prove he's not at all affiliated with "the man."

So cut him a break, why don't you?

And Anon...why in Allah's name would President Obama terminate Holder's employment when the AG is even better than his Vice President at mouthpiecing his most deeply-held convictions? You don't fire your staff for being perfectly "on message."

You conservatives just don't get it.

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