Saturday, May 29, 2010

Makes "Hackey Sack" Sound Downright Barbaric

Boyhood. I remember it well. Playing pick up competitive sports, building forts so we could play Army or Cowboys and Indians and other generally harmless games that have since fallen from grace because someone finally determined they were boiling cauldrons of racism and violence that would cause boys to grow up wanting to kill things and each other or, worse yet, to compete at the expense of the loser's self esteem. So what is a boy today to do for entertainment?

Apparently one of the more popular replacements for my era's games of violence and hurt feelings seems to be a nifty little activity called "Sack Tapping." This extracurricular activity involves punching or kicking your buddy in his progeny before he can do same to you and yours. So, as is the case with just about everything a guy does that is fun, everyone else now wants to make it illegal.

I know, a kid lost one (uh, we have a spare for a reason). But if we were really serious about protecting males from the painful sensation of taking the full brunt of a kick in the nads, then we would prohibit Nancy Pelosi from ever again being shown on TV and we would cancel about 80% of the meetings in the Pentagon.


BigFred said...

This game is not new. I have two sizes of those nut splitters you have a picture of if you ever need them on the farm.

"The Hammer" said...

Times have changed. When I was a kid intentionally kicking somebody in the nuts was considered bad form, a "throw down" offense. Kids these days!

By the way I watched most of yesterdays NCAA semi-final UVA vs. the University of New Jersey. Hell of a game! Although I didn't have a dog in this hunt, the competition was outstanding. And let me tell you what, those UVA girls are cutie pies. They've got that "girl-next-door I would so love to defile" quality so prized by Playboy magazine in their heyday.

BeyondBibbstore said...

Hammer's right. Great game despite the outcome. Nice to see the Turkeybird baseball team frap last night too.

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