Monday, May 31, 2010

The President and Memorial Day

There are lots of folks criticizing the President for not being at the Memorial Day Commemoration at Arlington National Cemetery today. I'm not one of them.

John Miller gets it about right in this short blurb from NRO.

Here's a minor point of order, subject of course to your educational comments. I served 21 years in the Navy and am proud of my service. But I always feel a little oogie being thanked/recognized for my service on THIS DAY--as it seems to me to be a day in which we should remember the men and women who gave that "last full measure of devotion". I got far more than I gave during my time in the Navy. Veterans Day is in November, and if folks want to pat me (and the Hammer) on the back for our Service, well then have at it. Or any other day for that matter. Today? Not so much. I have no qualification to share in the honor afforded our war dead nor any desire to detract from it.


Tom de Plume said...

Obama's actions are fitting today since so many of those buried in Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery voted for him in his senate and presidential campaigns.

BigFred said...

Bryan, I agree. My day is in November. Today is Brian Oulette's day.

Doc Milnamo said...

Amen CW. I see all these folks on Facebook, thanking those who served or are serving, as their FB status. Very nice sentiment but save it for Novemeber. Today is for those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

"The Hammer" said...

Don't pat me on the back. I sat in a microwave site reading "The Odessa File" for three years.
This is a day for vets of Iwo Jima and D-Day and Khe Sanh; et al., and of course the folks who didn't come back.

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