Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Bit Of Christopher Hitchens' Upcoming Autobiography

I'm a big Christopher Hitchens' fan--great writing, wonderful command of the English language. He and Martin Amis have enjoyed one of our times' great writing friendships, and some of it can be found in this longish excerpt from Hitch's upcoming autobiography. Also a great story about Maggie Thatcher.

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"The Hammer" said...

Since Teddy's death I guess Hitchens is now the poster boy for functioning alcoholics.
I saw him debate George Galloway, a real asshole Marxist thug from Glasgow, and Galloway ran rings around him. Hitchens was sweating and stammering and had the look of an Eton kid about to get his ass kicked outside a eastend Pub. Galloway was all ridicule and insults and finally remarked on Hitchen's alcohol induced mumbling with "it's the whiskey, it's the whiskey". The crowd roared. It was a slap-down of epic proportions.

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